We all know that the car belongs to the internal combustion engine, which will generate heat when it works. A very important part of the car cooling system is called the water pump. We all know that the mechanical water pump, but many BMW uses the electronic water pump!

The traditional water pump is driven by belt or chain, the engine working water pump works, and the rotation speed is in a certain proportion, to meet the high-speed high-power heat dissipation, which is very suitable for automobile use. But electronic water pump has better advantages!

As the name suggests, electronic water pump is an electronic driven water pump, which drives the circulation of coolant to dissipate heat. Because it is electronic, it can adjust the working condition of water pump at will, that is to say, the rotating speed is very low during cold start, which helps to heat up quickly and reduce energy consumption. It can also work at full load with high power cooling, and it is not controlled by the engine speed, so it can control the water temperature very well!

The front end of the electronic water pump is a centrifugal impeller. The flow of the centrifugal pump is large and the pressure is OK. The back end is the motor, which uses the brushless motor. There is a circuit board in the back plug, which is the control module of the water pump. It communicates with the engine computer to control the rotation speed of the water pump to meet the best heat dissipation of any working condition.


Another point is that after the traditional water pump engine stops, the water pump stops and the warm air disappears. Although some cars have auxiliary water pumps, they can't compare with this water pump. After the engine is turned off, the warm air can still be used. There is also an extended Park heating feature. After flameout, it will automatically run for a period of time to cool the turbine.