1.First remove the engine base plate and the right front wheel remove the electric coolant pump and the electronic thermostat

2.Install a new electronic thermostat and electric coolant pump

3. After replacing the electronic water pump, check whether there is water leakage at the connector, and then start to exhaust the air as follows:

(1) Connect battery charger

(2) Turn on the ignition

(3) Turn the heater to the maximum temperature (automatic air conditioning is enabled) and turn the heater to the lowest gear

(4) Press the accelerator pedal to the limit position for 10s, do not start the engine

(5) The exhaust process has been activated by pressing the accelerator pedal for approximately 12 MNI (at this time the coolant pump is working. And close automatically after about 12mni)

(6) Then fill the coolant tank with antifreeze between the maximum and minimum marks

(7) Check cooling system for water leaks

(8) After the diagnostic computer enters the DME system and clears the fault code, road test and observe whether the water temperature is normal and whether there is fault code